MAMBA II cable perimeter system

The MAMBA-II Fence Protection System consists of a sensitive cable, using FTP cable to provide detection of intruders’ attempts to climb or cut the fence.

The cable is resistant to false alarms from environmental influences and unaffected by heat, UV light and moisture.







Fence types:

Wired fence
• Chain-Link fence
• Concrete fence or wall
• Wrought / rigid fence
• Wood fence






FTP cable is attached to the fence, using simple cable ties. The analyzer is available in a sealed IP67  standard environmental housing for attaching directly to a fence post or in a sturdy metal can for indoor installation.


On detecting an alarm condition, the analyzer activates a NC relay that can be connected to any alarm panel, PC with specially designed software ,cellular transmitter or other device.

The analyzer’s sophisticated electronics allow simple yet precise adjustment of sensitivity to meet the requirements of any installation. The MAMBA-II system is ideal for high security applications, while its low cost and simplicity of installation allow its use in a variety of locations not previously considered for this kind of protection.

A typical MAMBA-II installation consists of sensitive cable (FTP), one or more analyzer units and one or more end of line termination kits. The system requires a  linear 12V DC power supply. Other accessories are added where required.

Installations of less than 500 m of sensitive cable require a single zone analyzer MAMBA-II located at one end of the cable. The analyzer may be indoors, in which case a length of non-sensitive coax cable is connected between the end of the sensitive cable, or outdoors, fixed to a fence post or other suitable location. On detection of an alarm, the analyzer’s NC contact will change state. This contact is typically connected to a control panel zone and the system is armed and disarmed by means of the control panel.



  • Sophisticated detection algorithm 2 levels detection filter + rigid fence SAW detector.
  • RS 485 communication protocol 30 addresses
  • IR based lid open detector
  • Sensor move or destroy detector
  • Cable integrity detection (cable short or open)
  • 60mA current consumption
  • LED bar display + buzzer
  • 16 levels sensitivity
  • Ultra sensitivity for concrete wall installation
  • Digital isolated input
  • Thunderstorm protection for all inputs/outputs
  • All inputs/outputs galvanically isolated
  • 3 relay NC outputs (customizable)
  • 4Mega Bytes memory for alarms(5x 5minutes)